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Q: Can I order my paddle without epoxy tips?

A: Yes. Epoxy tips are not mandatory but are recommended in order to protect the tips from damage and extend the life of the paddle.

Q: Can I order epoxy tips that are not white?

A: Yes. Our epoxy mix is clear and the white tint is added as it is mixed in small 10cc batches for each paddle. The clear epoxy works to protect the tip just as effectively. We use the white tint to mimic the look of a traditional bone tip. 

Q: I live outside of the Continental USA. Can I still order a paddle?

A: Yes and no. Shipping to Alaska and Hawaii is about $70. Due to the length of a typical paddle packing tube of 90", shipping to foreign countries is prohibitively expensive and not practical at this time. We are still seeking an affordable international shipping option including Canada.

GPc founder John Davis' Cape Ann Storm cedar strip kayak
with 86" laminate paddle and black storm paddle.
(Bar Harbor, Maine - July 2014)

Paddling Eastern Bay, Bar Harbor, Maine
(July 2014)

Preparing to launch from Emory's Cottages, Bar Harbor, Maine
(July 2014)

Recovering from 2nd back surgery with flat water paddling
(Bar Harbor, Maine - July 2014)

Just done playing in the Atlantic Ocean in Hilton Head, SC
September 2014

Greenland paddle carving demonstration - Annapolis Canoe and Kayak.
Sunday May 9, 2011.
72-degrees and sunny!

Portable carving rig

Making progress

Paddle tip roughed-out ready for sanding

Pam, GPc paddle owner and Eastport resident, and Dave Isbell, Annapolis 
Canoe and Kayak greenland kayak guru.

A few GPc paddles brought to the event. 
Several found a new home.

The first of many black stained paddles

Black stain over western red cedar


Laminate paddles in various levels of completion

Laminate paddles (L-R) 3-ply, 7-ply, 9-ply, 11-ply

Shoulder transition

Assorted paddles

Shoulder transition 

Shoulder detail

Jose L. paddling in Stonington, Maine 2013

Rich G of Seattle paddling in the Puget Sound near Seahurst Park.

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