Greenland Paddle Company

Paddle Construction



Standard Paddle:

John Davis' Greenland Paddle Company (GPc) uses A Grade Western Red Cedar as the primary wood in his paddles. This wood is light weight and resistant to rot. Whenever possible boards with a vertical grain are chosen to ensure a strong paddle with proper flex.

Storm Paddle:

The storm paddle is similar to the standard but shorter in length. It has typical blade dimensions but features a shorter loom that measures about 6-8". This paddle is usually kept as a spare and when used incorporates the sliding stroke.

Laminate Paddle:

John often adds other woods into his laminate paddles for added strength and beauty. Those woods can vary based on customer requests or his own whims. Please note that the paddle weight will increase with the addition of hardwoods.

Paddle Finish:

The preferred finish at GPc is John's own proprietary tung oil based mixture that he mixes in small batches. A tung oil finish is effective, affordable, and offers good protection. It can be re-applied at regular intervals and is easily done by the consumer.  The satin sheen of a tung oil finish is preferred as glossy finishes are "slippery when wet".

Paddle Tips:

Stock paddle tips are semi-round and are coated with white tinted epoxy.
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