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The Greenland Paddle Company (GPc) is dedicated to the manufacture of high quality and affordable Greenland style kayak paddles. GPc founder, John Davis, has experienced first-hand the beauty, simplicity, and effectiveness of the Greenland paddle. He was first introduced to it by his kayak instructor and was amazed at how it felt "just right". The long hours he has spent paddling the waterways of Maryland are no longer followed by days of pain and discomfort. 

The Greenland paddle (GP) has seen a dramatic increase in popularity in recent years due to their efficiency over long distances or in windy conditions. The native Inuits, the inventors of the Greenland paddle, resided in the Arctic regions of Canada, Denmark (Greenland), Russia (Siberia), and The United States (Alaska). These indigenous peoples needed a paddle that would enable them to endure long sea hunting expeditions. 

The GP style paddle differs from the more common European bladed paddle by incorporating a narrower and longer blade. The blade is less than four inches wide and tapers to a shaft or "loom" whose length is about the width of the kayakers' shoulders. This paddle shape reduces the stress on hands, elbows, and shoulders while giving smooth and controllable power to the kayaker.  The Greenland paddle feels very natural and intuitive. Advanced paddlers love the variety of extended paddle positions possible with this thousand-year-old Inuit design.



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March 2011 
I bought one of John's paddles a month ago thru ACK. It's beautiful and well-made. My paddle was not quite a "stock" size but John was more than happy to make it to my specifications. I'll be using it as my main GL paddle.

March 2011
I have one of John's paddles too, and like it so much that my carbon euro blades have already found a new home.
Thanks John for your fine craftsmanship! And thanks Dave at ACK for your patience and assistance in determining exactly the right dimensions for me.

November 2012
Hi John,
I am  happy to report that I am elated with the paddle that arrived today. The wood grain is beautiful and the epoxy tips are great The sizing is right-on the specifications that I had sent to you.The balance is splendid. I could not be happier with all the aspects of the paddle. Another thing that I am elated with is your great service. Your communication, from the beginning to end, was timely and honest. when you told me what my estimated time of delivery was I thought to myself, "No way!" However, true to your word the paddle was right on time. Though I am comfortable with working with wood, and considering my time and the time that I would be missing from paddling, the cost is very much worth it to me. All-in-all, double thumbs up and thank you!
Tallahasee, FL

December 2012
The paddle came today and looks great. I have made few paddles so I know what it takes. So far it feels good in my hands and I hope to try it Sunday. It looks like art as it should, beautiful layup you with the lamination and nice choice of woods. I really appreciate that you covered the shipping and packed it so well.
Paul J
West Hills, CA

July 2013
The last paddle I purchased from you was so nice that when I saw this storm paddle I had to get it. Paddle worked excellent in Doug Van Doren's traditional paddling classes at Great Lakes Sea Kayak Symposium It was interesting that Doug Van Doren borrowed my paddle to comment on the differences between his Betsy Bay Inuit paddles and the greenland style paddles. His comments were very good. I did mention who made it.
Keith M
Syracuse, IN

August 2013

I got my paddle today, and it is absolutely gorgeous!! It fits my hands perfectly and is so light!! Thank you so much! I couldn't be more pleased. I'll give the cards to anyone who inquires about it's maker.  I'm sure I'll get many compliments and inquiries! 

Once again, thank you so much for your excellent service and a beautiful paddle that is just exactly what I wanted.
Donna H
Otway, OH


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